It’s September!

Energy and enthusiasm greet us as teachers, returning students and entering students gather to begin the new 2014/2105 school year. We will welcome 27 new students to our Wyncote family. Among these, there are 7 new students in Middle School, and 9 new 9th graders. They bring a wide range of interests, talents and school backgrounds. Some come to us from other private schools, others from cyber schools, and others from nearby public schools.

New entering students arrive on September 4th for orientation when they will get to know each other, their teachers, and academic schedules. Seniors will also arrive on that day to help Orientate the new students. On September 5th a full day of classes for all students will begin.

Many things remain the same for returning students—old friends and friendly teachers are here. There are changes, too. The science rooms are newly outfitted with desks and new equipment. The basement music areas have been reorganized with a recording studio and fresh paint. (Wait ‘til you see the floor) and we have installed a new air conditioning/heating system and a new roof!

Amy is staying home with baby Conner, but will hell out on gym days doing wellness programs. Mr. bob the bus driver has retired and our new bus driver is Marcus. Dr. Ruth Kuchinsky-Smith will be joined by Dr. Adam Berman and Todd Beidleman in the guidance department. Brian Kremenowski is our maintenance/groundskeeper/custodian and we have hired two new classroom teachers. The rest of the staff look forward to seeing you all soon!