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Traditional classroom settings have their merits, but for students in alternative education programs such as Wyncote Academy’s middle and high school programs, there's something particularly magical about the world beyond the classroom walls. At Wyncote Academy, field trips are an integral part of our program, offering benefits that extend far beyond the academic classroom. They are another way to reinforce lessons in the classroom but also...

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Alternative schools provide unique educational environments for students who may not thrive in traditional school settings. When considering alternative schooling options, it is important to consider certain key factors that will ensure a successful learning experience. Wyncote Academy, a trusted institution since 1973, offers an alternative school option that caters to students with learning...


Dual exceptionality, often referred to as "twice-exceptional" or "2e," is a term used to describe individuals who possess both exceptional intellectual or creative abilities and disabilities or learning differences. These students present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for teachers, students, and parents alike.

To grasp the complexities of dual exceptionality, it's essential to recognize the two exceptionalities at...

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At Wyncote Academy, we believe that every student deserves an inclusive and nurturing environment to thrive in their educational journey. Our commitment to special needs education is unwavering, and we've crafted a unique approach that sets us apart in the field. Read all about what you can expect from our passionate staff, then contact us to...


As education continues to evolve, alternative schools have risen in popularity as a valuable option for students who need a different type of learning experience than what traditional schools can provide. These alternative schooling options take a unique approach to education that addresses students’ diverse needs. Keep reading as we explore the importance of alternative schools and...


At Wyncote Academy, we understand that not every student is college bound. That's why Wyncote Academy is excited to announce our partnership with the Laborers District Council (LDC) of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity. Starting in the Fall 2023 Semester, Wyncote Academy and the LDC will collaborate to implement a trades-based program for students interested in exploring a career...

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Graduation is the highlight of the Wyncote Academy school year. It is a time of celebration and recognition for both graduates and faculty and we reflect on the growth we have watched take place right before our very eyes! Fourteen new graduates join our alumni and their futures are in focus!

Our graduates will be moving on to greater achievements at the following institutions:

  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Community...
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Education is a fundamental right for every child, regardless of their abilities or challenges. For students with special needs, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) play a crucial role in ensuring they receive the tailored support necessary to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. IEPs provide a roadmap for educators, parents, and specialists to collaborate effectively and create an inclusive learning environment that maximizes a...


Over the year, our students have been honored with a visit from Kerri, the therapy dog. Kerri spreads joy wherever she goes and we are grateful that our students get to spend time with such an affectionate and understanding canine! A HUGE thank you to Ms. Lois and Mr. John for sharing Kerri with our students.


Reading students were treated to an outdoor field trip to Winterthur and Longwood Gardens in Delaware! It was a beautiful day to explore the outdoors and escape the classroom!