About Our Extended School Year: Keeping Your Student Engaged Throughout the Summer

As summer approaches, students nationwide eagerly await the luxury of relaxing and enjoying the sunny weather. But for some students, particularly those who require additional assistance in their academic and personal development, summers can be a challenging time full of gaps in learning and social isolation. Luckily, there are solutions. Wyncote Academy acknowledges these challenges, and we strive to make summers fruitful for every student with our Extended School Year (ESY) program. Register by June 15th to enroll your student in this summer's program, and keep reading to learn why ESY is the perfect fit for your child's needs.

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Addressing the Summer Slump

During long summer breaks, many students experience a cognitive decline known as the summer slump. Studies have shown that students can lose up to two months of grade-level equivalency in math skills over the summer vacation. These losses in academic achievements accumulate across the years, particularly for children with learning difficulties. The ESY program at Wyncote Academy focuses on preventing this phenomenon by providing a structured and enriching summer curriculum that cultivates cognitive development and abilities.

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A Safe and Supportive Environment

The ESY program takes place in a safe and supportive environment where students can interact with peers who understand them well. Our experienced, certified teachers tailor their teaching approaches to fit each child's learning style and requirements. We also provide additional support and counseling services, should the student require assistance.

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Consistency to Drive Progress

At Wyncote Academy, we recognize that consistency plays a crucial role in students' success. The ESY program follows a routine and a set curriculum that helps students stay engaged and focused during the summer. This consistency guarantees that ESY students re-establish and reinforce good habits and habits of mind they adopted during the academic year, which ultimately drives progress.

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A Wide Range of Activities

At Wyncote Academy, we don't limit academic growth with ESY programs. Our ESY curriculum encompasses social and emotional learning, physical education, and artistic and cultural enrichment activities, including field trips, workshops, and fun outdoor games. Our ESY students are never bored or isolated but enjoy a well-rounded summer experience that cultivates their cognitive and social development.

Summer can be a difficult period for students with learning disabilities, which often leads to a loss of academic growth and social isolation. That's why Wyncote Academy's ESY program aims to create a safe, consistent, and enriching learning environment covered by structuring academics, and social, emotional, and cultural elements all summer long. To enroll your child in this summer program, visit our website or call us today, and give your child the gift of a transformative summer.

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