Middle School Spotlight

Learning occurs in and out of the classroom while sharpening academic skills, fostering creativity, and encouraging teamwork!

Ms. Kristi Bornstein’s 7th and 8th grade English class is reading a short story called "Amigo Brothers." They are using graphic organizers to understand literary elements to develop the plot. The 6th and 7th grade English class just finished the book “Frindle” which is about a boy who develops a new word for PEN. The students developed their own new words or a symbol for an object. In her World History classes, Ms. Kristi’s students learned about Mexico and its history. They are now making travel brochures.

In Ms. Vivian Still-Brown’s Mathematics classes, the first period math class is trying a new math program – Prodigy. It is a fun learning game where students learn math skills on their level and play a game at the same time. Today was our first day trying it and it was a hit.

Our High School Science Teacher, Ms. Susan Lyons-Joell, led a visit to our new Wyncote Farms as a part of her Urban Agriculture class with assistance from Ms. Naila and Mr. Nick. While on the Farm, students fed the chickens, moved leaves to rotate the chicken yard, and collected eggs!