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The Best High School Art Program for Inspiring Creativity!

Wyncote Academy’s art program gives each participating student the necessary tools to help him or her discover and develop inherent or new-found interests in the fine and visual arts. Through a unique, hands-on approach known as the “experiential learning” model, students are given an overview of each specialized art course and are then asked to decide what artistic direction they would like to pursue.

Students create a curriculum tailored to their desired goal, be it a broad exposure to multiple disciplines or concentrated on one specific art form. Then they research the information they’ll need to complete their self-designated assignment, and work both autonomously and in conjunction with fellow students and mentors to complete it. Projects are graded based upon the standards that students set at the beginning of the term.

Course offerings include ceramics, drawing and painting, sculpture.


Visit to the workshop of Zeno Frudakis, internationally acclaimed sculptor.