Meet Farmer Nala

Kudos to our amazing manager of Wyncote Farm, Nala Bloom! Thank you for your leadership, vision, and hard work! Your positive spirit and your tireless efforts have been an integral to the growth of Wyncote Farm over the past year.

  • Thanks to all of the team members who have helped to make this dream a reality: Nick Lodise, Sue Joell-Lyons, Adrienne Redd, Jethro Heiko, Howard Schatz, Wayne Skilton, Kristi Lynn, Vivian Brown, Bonnie Simon, Courtney Bethea, and Joe Gibbons.
  • Thanks as well to the students of Wyncote for engaging in meaningful learning beyond the traditional classroom.
  • Thanks to the Wyncote staff, Board of Directors, and generous donors for supporting this experiential learning initiative.
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